World War Z
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*written by Mike

If you like zombie movies, I think you can’t miss this. Again if you are an American, it is not possible to miss. In spite of its nonsense and stupid logic, it drew attention a lot. Don’t you guys ever sick of these odd zombie movies? I do most of the time. For example this one looks logical in the first look but when you think more, you can easily understand that it is nonsense. Alright, now hear the story from me;

What is the World War Z Movie about?

Handsome Brad Pitt and his family were happily driving in tight traffic. Somethings starting to get wrong. After 5 minutes, whole Philadelphia becomes a battlefield. If we look at this shitty zombie thing from the window of science, somebody explain me how the hell a person get infected in 5 seconds? A zombie bites a human and that human becomes zombie after 5 seconds. What a speed man! Anyway, Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family runs from all these zombies. He uses his connections and get his family to a military ship. But they have a condition, he will be the one who does research about this worldwide infection thing. He accepts as you can imagine and goes to a research journey.

After going some places they arrive to Israel. But they are pretty suspicious about these zombies, they say that somebody said zombies may appear, they start to build at least 30 meters high walls all over the city. Who could say it is a coincidence! After a while zombies take over tis city too. But in the chaos, Gerry realizes a critical thing which could save the world. So he travel another city and puts his thought on the table. After struggling hundreds of zombies, he succeeds and finds a formula which makes non-zombie humans chance to go pass near zombies without any harm. So worlds get into a new era!

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What I think?

Yes maybe I would watch again but I will find it stupid over and over again. Sorry guys but I can’t stop thinking about this nonsense. Acting, effects are good, no one can deny but the main subject also should be make sense for me. So don’t think while watching, just live the moment and enjoy your time.

  • Director    – Marc Forster
  • Rating        – PG-13
  • Released   – 21 June 2013
  • Duration   – 116 Minutes
  • Filmed by – Paramount Pictures
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+ Pros

effects.crowded team.Brad Pitt

– Cons


Also you can take a look at the trailer below;


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