Tomb Raider 2017
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*written by Nick

Tomb Raider, a classic. I think I know this name maybe for 20 years. Remember Tomb Raider games on old computers, it was all about puzzles which I hated. Glad to see Tomb Raider has its own original story finally. I am sure that this will be the first of the series because now the story is all set. Having tension with lots of action is exactly Lara Croft style.

What is the Tomb Raider Movie about?

A fighter girl we see in the beginning of the movie Alicia Vikender as Lara Croft. A major story is a girl who lost his father and miss him a lot, never lose her hope to find him one day. Because her father’s disappearance was so sudden while he was going on a journey to a far away island. She works to earn some money but actually she has her father’s fortune. But if she signs the papers to get all wealth, she will be admitting that her father is dead. So she didn’t want to do that for years. But in that moment that she was signing, she gave up and read a letter and a key from her father. She finds her father’s hidden room with them. Sees a video message, finds some notes and hit the road to mysterious island. When she arrives by accident, she faces a bad situation that she becomes a prisoner by the man who also says that he killed her father. That man is in the island because he wants to find a some kind of a legend called Himika.

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She escapes from him and his crew somehow and with an outstanding luck, she finds her father. They find Himiko’s tomb under the pressure of bad guy Mathias Vogel. And they try to pull Himiko out but curse appears. What now? Watch and see…

Full of action with satisfying acting of Alicia Vikender. In whole movie, I couldn’t find a chance to get bored. Maybe we could feel more island, it would taste like “Lost” series but the pace of situations blocks us to enjoy the view for a while. And maybe Tomb Raider concept is being real but it could be including a little fantastic factors in my opinion. Ok, that’s all I can say now. You can enjoy the adventure of this classic name, have fun!

  • Director    – Roar Uthaug
  • Rating        – PG-13
  • Released   – 16 March 2018
  • Duration   – 118 Minutes
  • Filmed by – Warner Bros. Pictures
    See the movie in “Rotten Tomatoes”

+ Pros

good story.acting.

– Cons

too much coincidence.hurry in the movie.

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;


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