The Mask 1994
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*written by Mike

It is an old legend “The Mask”. I was watching it in my childhood, oww that was a crazy movie. Maybe we watched it 10 times with my family with a great fun. So I can say it is old but gold. But to remember it I watched again so this time it was not that charming you know. The question is; am I getting old or they changed to movie in years? Crazy questions in my mind… crazy as Nick’s humor taste…

What is the Alice in Wonderland Movie about?

Enough talk about the past, now listen to me carefully I am telling the story of the movie. We have a loser man Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) (what a stupid last name btw) who works in a bank and loving a woman in the bank but never tell her, he just lets her to use him. Wow that was a long sentence mate! After one party that no one cares about Stanley, his morale was down to zero and he starts to look at he river in the unlucky night. He sees something and it turns out a mask, a green wooden mask. He brings to home and somehow puts on. In the first look, I thought who’d wear a mask for no reason, and get my question, me! I would do the same so I can’t say it’s absurd. Then he turns to a crazy, fantastic green masked man! Now the ugly green guy begins to do what Stanley can’t. but also has done bad things like robbing a bank. You know there are two types of people in the world, people who rob the bank, people who robbed by the bank. So he decides his way.

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Unfortunately the police identify the Stanley as the Mask. The green devil doesn’t care because he has more important thing to do; get the girl named Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz). When I see her, I thought “hmm she look familiar” then I get it. This meaningless eyes are belong to Diaz. So while the mask tries to get the girl, he also deals with the bad guys who has Tina and the money which was belong to them in the first place. Ok, watch and see the rest, I’m done.

What I think?

No violence (not exactly), no drama, no woman no cry… sorry. Watch it just for fun, do not think, relax, sit back and watch. It is certain that you will have fun and enjoy the original movies story. I like The Mask very much because it is still a good movie. I recommend to you guys for enjoying your spare time.


  • Director    – Chuck Russell
  • Rating        – PG-13
  • Released   – 29 July 1994
  • Duration   – 101 Minutes
  • Filmed by – New Line Cinema
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+ Pros


– Cons

unnecessary romance.Cameron Diaz’s acting.short movie.

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;


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