Spiderman: Homecoming
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*written by Mike

Boy, I think that I will never like this kid. Actually I didn’t like the other either. But they keep choosing odd kids to play as Spiderman. Spiderman Homecoming is so childish but anyway, we are not here to criticize Spider Boy’s personality. Let us talk about the movie, homecoming. Hell, I have no idea why did they choose that name “homecoming”, what? What kind of a superhero movie name, jeez! Ok, as a child superhero, we are gonna try to be a real hero and be part of Avengers. Because the major goal of this kid is being one of the Avengers, so he has to prove himself to Ironman. Which is pretty hard, you know what kind of a jerk Ironman can be sometimes. Now let’s take o look at movie!

What is the Spiderman Homecoming Movie about?

A group of men are working on alien style tools, weapons and all the things which are left by monsters that came from other planets. They are collecting them by the permission of government. One day while they are working happily on space toys, a group of government agents arrive and say them to handover the business. Adrian Toomes who is the head of group doesn’t want to handover but he has no any other choice. So bad lights flashes on his eyes and decide to steal alien parts, make powerful weapons and sell them under the radar. By the way he makes himself a suit from the high tech materials looks like a vulture (yes it’s also his bad hero name).

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While spider boy jumping around, witnesses crime and having trouble with these weapons. Immediately digs in to search and reaches to Vulture. Try to mention this to Ironman (it is kind of his parent). But he didn’t listen. So spider boy decides to solve this problem by himself. Because of his is a little kid, things won’t be easy and messed up. That’s it, I will say no more, watch and see.

Actually I never liked Spiderman series. As you know, they tried hard to keep it stable, start from beginning over and over again and finally succeed. In spite of Tom Holland’s extraordinary acting, still don’t like it. In the movie, director wanted to create a child hero, that’s for sure. Yes maybe Marvel universe need it but I find it annoying. He always keeps in touch with Tony Stark and need his permission. And of course Peter Parker has his girlfriend problem on the other hand. After Spiderman Homecoming maybe in the next movie, we’ll watch a little progress with his girlfriend. You know, he has been falling love with girls for last 97384 movies in the same way. But about action, we got a lot. So if you wanna spend your time with this little kid then watch it, otherwise forget about it.

+ Pros

Tom Holland’s acting.new suit.

– Cons

same story.Ironman’s parenthood.childish.

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;

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