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*written by Mike

Wanna hear a story? Calibre Movie’s story is about how two man get us fully stressed and f*ck things up. This story nerves the people as much as actors. If you want to watch a realistic story not fun, here is my recommend to u guys. Now let’s see what kind of story awaits us!

What is the Calibre Movie about?

Two Irish guy get together. One of them is like me, fun and loves adventure, other one is like Nick, quite as a moron. Fun guy Marcus says to Vaughn (a weird name for sure) let’s have fun and shoot some deer, hunt in northern woods. They go this little town I don’t remember what was the name, because I didn’t care. They arrived but local people are not that friendly. Anyway, they go hunt. Somehow (I don’t wanna tell all details) Vaughn shoots a child on his head instead of deer by mistake. He dies. And his father comes, see what happens and try to shoot Vaughn. Marcus sees his from away and shoots him. Now they have two bodies. They panic, Vaughn looks and stands like a moron and Marcus does all the things needed. They bury them, remove evidences. But everything will not be that easy, some things happens. You’ll see when you watch.

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I felt all the stress in this silent movie. That means the movie is good, story is satisfying. I can recommend with my heart. I advice you to watch this one in night, because the movie is dark even in midday because of the cloudy weather. Ok, u can thank me later, I mean give me thought below. Have nerved-fun!

Don’t touch the rifle!

+ Pros

Realistic. Nervous. Realistic.

– Cons

Closed weather all the time. Slow story.

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;


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