Avengers: Infinity War
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*written by Nick

Having all the heroes in one movie, that is cool. I watched this popular movie very late because I didn’t care before. I didn’t think that it I m gonna enjoy that much. But I think I was wrong a little because it was good. Seeing all that heroes can be beat down made me feel different, so if a movie can make you feel different, that means that movie is good. Write down this one to somewhere, you can not hear that kind of wise word from Mike.

What is the Avengers: Infinity War Movie about?

Mighty Thanos destroys the Asgard in very eyes on Thor. Hulk, Loki and Thor try to stop him but its no use. Thanos collects the stone from Loki and unfortunately it cost his life (I think everyone will feel sorry for Loki). Thanos’ goal is to collect all six infinity stones, be invincible to rule the universe. So he collects stones one by one into his glove. He is powerful already and with these stones, whole universe will be conquered. Avengers stand up together and try to stop him. But in there first attempt with Ironman, Spiderman, Star guy, racoon, gamora, Doctor Strange and Groot, they fail because of stupid Star Guy. After that end never get that close to them.

Next stone was in the Vision, unfortunately Thanos get that too and we lost Vision :/ In the end of the movie, something strange and sad happened (I am not gonna say what that is), then we see Thanos in some planet, the end.

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It is an ongoing movie that’s for sure. Having all these heroes in the same time is good. But I think Thanos’ story should be given before this movie sometimes. I don’t follow whole this Marvel Universe but I didn’t see or hear anything about Thanos before. So when I see in the movie, I thought; “who is he, where did he came from?” It was a new thing for me. Anyway, story was good of course, effects too. But Avengers wasn’t that weak, they were more powerful before. For example in the first scenes of the movie, we see Hulk vs Thanos and Hulk couldn’t even hurt Thanos. Do you think that is a little unfair?

I think you should watch whether you never heard these before. It is cool, it is fascinating.

You all, I am one!

  • Director    – Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
  • Rating        – PG-13
  • Released   – 27 April 2018
  • Duration   – 156 Minutes
  • Filmed by – Walt Disney Pictures
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+ Pros

Full of action. Superheroes can be beaten.

– Cons

Unbalanced force. 

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;


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