Ant-Man and the Wasp
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* written by Mike

Ant Man was an unnecessary hero for me in the beginning. You know what, it still does. Maybe producers thought like me and they decide to add more unnecessary heroes to the movie and wa la, Wasp. Now listen to this; if you have the wing technology, why antman suffers in the ground? Poor guy. So, Ant-Man Scott (Paul Rudd), his professor and his daughter chase after a clue to find professor’s wife where she was lost. Because now they have quantum tunnel.

What is the World War Z Movie about?

We see the story of Dr. Hank’s wife has lost in quantum bla bla. She was trying to save the world like 98% of American’s doing daily and she lost. He works on that tunnel for years. But one day our hero Scott feels something about her. So they work faster for it. But they need some parts for the machine, and of course bad guys have that. They try to take it from them but an unexpected threat occurs. A fading girl. I don’t understand, her father did something, then happened another thing and here we are now. So they want same technology to fix that weirdness.

So our hero team deals with two psycho in the same time. The mafia which want the quantum technology and the ghost girl. Now all want that lab, they fight for it. In this complicated situations, doctor able to get in to quantum thing and look for his wife. And of course finds her, turn backs to lab hardly. Then they find a cure for the ghost. Looks everyone is happy. But that’s not all, we also have a final scene that tells us that there will more movies.

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What I think?

He has a funny character and he can ride ants, cool. Fun facts of movie are make it enjoyable. Quantum things are fun too, I like it because I don’t even understand a bit. Besides fun scenes, the movie is pretty effective for sure. Shape of ant-man’s mask design is disappointing maybe that’s why I can’t get into it. But generally movie is good. Can’t get bored while watching, I assure you.

  • Director    – Payton Reed
  • Rating        – PG-13
  • Released   – 06 July 2018
  • Duration   – 118 Minutes
  • Filmed by – Walt Disney Pictures
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+ Pros


– Cons

stupid mask design.logic mistakes.

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;



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