Alice Through The Looking Glass
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* written by Mike

Ok we know that first movie was a legend. Now we have a second of the series. Now Alice is a grown woman. A captain one. She will be needed by other side which some things are going bad. Of course Alice wouldn’t turn them back. Johnny Depp is waiting, who could say no. I must say, maybe it will not satisfy you because of your expectations got high in the first one. But still watchable though. Let us take a look at its story.

What is the Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie about?

Captain Alice work wonders in seas. She is working with the major, read headed idiot Hamish.  After a long journey, she prepares a new proposition for this idiot. But he says to Alice that she should on desk, no further exploring. Things got worse after that as you can imagine. So with the help of Absolem, she finds herself in the other world (dunno how they call). She enters and finds out that there is a big problem about Hatter (Johnny Depp). One day Hatter finds something that reminds him old days which is his family slaughtered by that weird dragon from the previous movie. So he stressed up a lot and forgetting about laughing. They must do something for him. And white silly princess gives the idea of finding time and steal chromosphere from him, turn back to Hatter’s family time and make things right. Yeah, sounds pretty complicated. Whatever, she attempts to change the past but she learns extremely interesting truths like Hatter never lost his family…

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What I think?

Normally I don’t like second movies of a serie. But this time things didn’t bother me a lot. They connect to movie smoothly which is a good thing for viewers. And of course spending more time with Hatter is an another enjoyable thing. So while the story and actors are good (except Alice) there is no reason to not to watch. Go on then.

alice through the looking glass

  • Director    – James Bobin
  • Rating        – PG
  • Released   – 06 July 2018
  • Duration   – 113 Minutes
  • Filmed by – Walt Disney Pictures
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+ Pros

original story.creativity

– Cons

cold headrole.

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;




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