Alice in Wonderland
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*written by Nick

I know, the story of Alice is pretty famous but I never read in my life. So I learn it from these movies. But I see that there is a mighty imagination out there. It is easy to say that it’s amazing ad fantastic. I am impressed while watching Alice in Wonderland movie so wanted to write review of it, otherwise Mike would ruin this amazing story, movie.

What is the Alice in Wonderland Movie about?

Alice is living in London, her skin color is ultra bright, because British people don’t see sun. She forced to marry with some lord’s son who also loves her. In spite of her unwillingness, she can’t stop this marriage. On the other hand she is seeing the same dream every night over and over since her childhood. And she starts to see rabbit who wears a suit. One day all the people get together in ceremony area where the unwanted English boy will propose her. In that moment of offered ring, she sees the weird rabbit again and runs after it and falls into an extremely deep hole. Now she is in wonderland.

In this interesting and fantastic world, all good people who suffers from the red queen were waiting for Alice for long years. I didn’t understand why Alice is that important and chosen person though. When she arrives, good creatures’ hope grows again but the happiest one was the mad hatter (Johnny Depp). Now they have hope against red queen in that particular day. There is an obvious day, in that day red queen’s dragon should be killed by Alice so white queen will rule again. But of course this will not be easy. Alice should find the sword which must be used in that day.

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All the good folk trapped in the red castle, they try to escape. Alice finds the white queen. So that day arrives. 2 armies come across, white against red, Alice against Jobberwocky (dragon). It is not difficult to guess which side will win.

What I think?

For long time I wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland because I was curious. Now I’m glad that I had time for it and watch. Fantastic thoughts effected me. Acting was brilliant, especially Johnny Depp and Helena Bonhem Carter as Red Queen. When you watch, your first look might be childish but don’t be quick. The story is also came out of a great mind, you will understand what I mean when you watch. Ok then, when you watch, let me know if you felt the same way.

  • Director    – Tim Burton
  • Rating        – PG-12
  • Released   – 5 March 2010
  • Duration   – 108 Minutes
  • Filmed by – Walt Disney Pictures
    See the movie in “IMDB”

+ Pros

creative story.acting.fantasy.

– Cons

no gray side.alice’s terrible acting

Also you can take a look at the trailer below;



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