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Me and my friend Nick sit on bench over the horizon and think. “What could it be done to make shitty world more acceptable?”. I said, “We can burn whole world with using natural gas -because it’s cheap. And build a new world”, he said “hmm that is so classic, let’s get a website”. That was a brilliant idea, noone ever did think such a creatif idea. We can create qualified contents for the website and consume all the traffic ha-ha-ha.

So thats why you are here and reading this original foundation story of this website. We are gonna create fun posts with a simple language, because there are some over IQ people who can’t understand us. So make it possible.

You are asking that, what kind of things will be? Here is the most original answer, movies, games, animals, cities etc. I mean a little bit of everything. There is no limit for us. If I see something interesting that worth to write, I’ll do it. We’ll do it. We can make it! Sorry, overloaded…